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X4 Avenger by RSS

Designed With Efficiency In Mind

The design focused on features that reduce maintenance, simplify repair, improve safety, and give the machine a long profitable life

Improved Hopper and Scissor Safety

The twin cylinder scissor design can safely lift 12,000 lbs to a dump height of 10' 6" with 14" of clearance, 6" more than other midsized machines. Auto locking hopper safety is standard and fully controlled from in the cab and the hopper can be configured as either left or right dump.

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Intuitive Controls

We've simplified the entire electrical system to provide a comfortable operating experience for any operator 

regardless of experience. Further, we've gone away from the components that were prone to failure and the bulky systems of the past to keep Owners, Operators, and Mechanics happy and the machine trouble free.

Auto Tensioning Conveyor

Our conveyor features a pneumatic auto adjusting system to keep constant tension on the conveyor belts/ chains and eliminate the need for manual adjustment. The large diameter drive wheels enable the conveyor to operate at high speeds, throwing debris to the front of the hopper and utilizing the full 4.2 yard capacity.

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60" Wide Conveyor

Our mid sized machine features an exclusive 60" wide conveyor, which works seamlessly and efficiently with our 60" wide main broom compared to other machines that overlap a 58" main broom and 55" conveyor. This ensures minimal trailings and a true 10' sweep path.

Gutter Broom Down Pressure

The gutter brooms feature an easy to adjust down pressure system, making constant contact with the ground and curb. This makes the machine easier to operate and ensures the machine constantly performs above expectations

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Retractable Gutter Brooms

Our machine features fully retractable gutter brooms, resulting in a 10' sweep path, but only an 8' width when retracted. This option is available for both our pusher and trailing type gutter broom option.

Download our X4 brochure to see more features and detailed specs

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